You already know the science, a man with a beard is more desirable. Congratulations on wanting the beard of envy. Now is the time to make your beard then manhood symbol it can be.


Your beard hair is coarser and structured differently to the hair on your head. The regular hair shampoo will have a drying effect on your facial hair, causing your beard to become brittle and your skin to dry and flake.

A good beard wash will naturally assist with exfoliation and cleansing while hydrating and detangling the beard and skin (not the detangling part though).

Using beard wash is just like shampoo for your beard. Usually, you won't need to shampoo every day.

Beard Conditioner
Most beard washes today have a conditioning agent in them, but if you feel your beard is dry or coarse then a beard conditioner is just the go. Your beard will scream for joy with the extra hydration and care.

Beard Repair
If your beard looks and feels like steel wool or for long beard lovers, nourish and repair even the wiriest beard with Proraso Beard Oil Treatment. Assists in achieving a healthy growth without breakage and leaves beard super soft. Your beard and friends will thank you. 


Taking care of your beard isn't only oil and clean. The right beard gear allows you to train, trim, guide and mould your beard into your desired style and look.

Beard Combs
A bear comb assists with distributing beard oil or balm through your facial hair evenly and effectively, it separates the strands, helps in preventing split-ends and ingrown hairs and arranges the beard for a fuller look.

Moustache Comb
A moustache comb has narrower teeth to assist in keeping the moustache hair aligned.

Beard Brush
A boar's hair beard brush is the ultimate beard tool. The boar hair which has a microscopic scaled texture distributes natural sebum as well as beard oil throughout the beard. The detangling bristles unclog and clean the hair follicle and massage to increase blood flow. Boar's hair doesn't snag or pull out beard hair and is better than most synthetic brushes.


Beard Oil
As with your skin, your beard needs hydration, washing your beard keeps it clean, but it can also dry your facial hair and cause itching by stripping your sebum or natural oils. Beard oil is a leave-in conditioner which assists in harmonizing your natural beard oils and your skin.

Applying Beard Oil
Apply your beard oil after showering. The warm water opens your skin pores and hair follicles. Hand dry your beard dry and apply oil. Size matters when using beard oil, so as a guide a smaller beard may only require 3 or 4 drops, while the fuller beard may need 7 or 8 drops. Test it out, starting smaller than more as needed.

Beard Balm
Beard balms are also leave-in conditioners to nourish your beard and skin. Beard balm also has a low-level of styling control. A balm is weightier than oil and provides an extended conditioning effect and may contain beeswax, shea butter and oils. You can use beard oil and beard balm at the same time for a shiny glossy look.

Applying Beard Balm
Apply as you would with beard oil using a small amount, and use more if needed.


Suitable for all beard types, additional benefits for new or shorter beards.
• Better absorbtion.
• Faster hydration for shorter beards. 


Suitable for medium to longer beards and for those with drier skin types.
• Longer conditioning times.
• Low-hold styling agent. 


Moustaches look great on their own or as part of your impressive beard. One thing to remember though you must care for it; otherwise, it will take over and become overgrown. So be sure to trim and shape to your desired style.

For the au natural moustache style, place a small amount of wax on your thumb and massage between your thumb and fingers until the wax is tacky to the touch. Start to apply the wax from the centre of your moustache working outwards. Style and now you’re ready for stepping out.


Ok, we’ve washed and oiled and are ready to style. It’s ok, it sounds like a lot but this whole process is quick and easy, only a few minutes, really.

Now get your beard gear ready, we recommend comb, brush, beard balm or styling lotion and a hair dryer or heated brush.  

Apply the balm to your beard and use your comb or brush in the direction you wish to style your beard. 

Then using your hair dryer about 15 -30 centimetres from your beard, follow with your brush or comb through the beard as you style. Section heat the area you are styling. We don’t want heat damage. 

Finished styling? Use the cold setting on your hair dryer or a fan to set the product into the beard. 

If desired you can add additional oil, balm or styling lotion. You’re set to go.