Feel Down After Getting It On? A study published in the International Journal Sex & Marital Therapy revealed you might not be alone.

After surveying 1,207 men, the study concluded that 41% of guys had experienced post-coital dysphoria (PCD) and 20% have experienced it within the month of the survey.

Here's how one bloke described his feeling to ABC News.

"After sexual activity I get a strong sense of self-loathing about myself, usually I'll distract myself by going to sleep or going and doing something else or occasionally laying in silence until it goes away.

"I feel a lot of shame. I usually have crying fits and full on depressive episodes following coitus that leave my significant other worried, and every once in a while, she has crying spells after the act, but hers are rarer." "Because I typically don't want my partner worried, however, sometimes I hold in the sadness for hours until she leaves as we do not live together."

Man, that sucks. What sucks even more is they don't know what causes it.

Co-author Professor Robert Schweitzer stated that it may be a "dopamine rebound effect." Or, what goes up (your happiness level during sex) must come down. "But really that's just a hypothesis," he admitted.

If you are feeling low after the high of sex, know that you're not alone.

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