As Men, we spend a large portion of our lives shaving. We spend an even larger portion of our lives dreading, avoiding, or attempting to shave our body and pubic hair. Intimate grooming is one that's kind of confusing, what's too hairy and what's not enough? Even if you are or your partner loves a hirsute figure, let's be honest you're going to have to weed-wack it sometime.


We talked to plenty of doctors, dermatologists, hair specialist, urologists, and bush enthusiasts trying to search out the solution. Most of them had no idea, and some had educated guesses.

Marc Glashofer, a dermatologist and fellow of the American Academy of Dermatology, claims that the feel of bush tends to be thicker and coarser than the hair on the remainder of our body due to its origins as a buffer.

"It prevents friction during intercourse which will cause skin abrasion and rashes," he says. "More importantly, the bush is protection against bacteria and other pathogens."

Why the curliness of pubes? Brian Steixner, M.D., Director of the Institute of Men's Health at Jersey Urology Group in metropolis, suspects it's because curly hair does a much better job at trapping the pheromones secreted from sweat glands around the groin area.

In fact, it's theorised that just about three million years ago, when mortals were still walking around half-naked, a pleasant pungent odour wafting up from your junk was actually considered an aphrodisiac.

The pungent odour given off in the pubic region may have developed to indicate the sexual maturity for procreation purposes. The sweat glands in pubic areas produce a milky liquid, quiet different from sweat Scientists have stated that pubic hair in men may have been like a lion's mane to attract or deter others. 

Most pubes grow between 25mm and 38m.

As you age and your testosterone decreases, usually in your 50s, you’ll start to notice things are a little less bushy down there.


Manscaping hair may be both aesthetically pleasing and purposeful. (To be clear: We're talking about your pubes.) hair can trap moisture and, when there is a lack of circulation and light-weight, you increase your risk of zymosis and other rashes. That's why it's helpful to stay Everything at a brief clip. The precise length is up to you, but it is best to go away it under 2cm.

You don't really want to over cut other hair though. Chest hair is okay, for instance. This is often very true if you never notice it getting too unruly: All the hair on your body encompasses a set "terminal length", at which point the follicle stops producing more hair, the hair falls out, and a replacement hair replaces it weeks later. For this reason, your chest hair might maintain a perfect length (perhaps an in. or more) without you ever desperate to snip it down.

Every bloke is exclusive, and "ideal length" means various things to different people. But the purpose is that you just want to prioritise each zone of hair differently.

Understand the Wax and Shave Requirements
If you are going for total smoothness, you would like to think about the pros and cons of waxing and shaving. This assists the choice of which is best for you personally, and which is more suitable during a given scenario.
While shaving won't buy you the maximum amount time as waxing, shaving is typically less agonising—assuming you've got a wonderful post-shave skincare regimen. (See next tip.) If you wish to scrub up your shoulders or you're heading to the beach tomorrow and want a fast back-hair clearance, a razor is that the most appropriate option for immediate gratification—even if you'll feel stubble within a pair of days. You most likely won't have to shave again for a fortnight.

It is really not the most effective idea to wax off your hair days before a beach vacation. Your skin needs additional time to pass through waxing. You're ripping hair follicles from the pores, leaving the pores receptive bacteria, dirt, sweat, and other maladies. This results in infections, breakouts, and extremely unsightly skin.

Remember, waxes are an improved option in high-friction areas. If going full Brazilian and are waxing between your legs, and/or the butt cheeks. (Lots of guys—especially athletes—do this.) If you were to razor this skin, you'd unleash volumes of pain when the regrowth rubs against your thighs, or when your butt cheeks rub. It is best to treat the skin and acquire much air around the area after hair removal.

Be Kind To Your Body
You've probably got a wonderful pre- and post-shave strategy for your face: a disinfecting aftershave, a hot shower before (to open the pores), and a chilly splash of water after (to tighten them).
It would be best if you probably did the identical when you're shaving or waxing hair. You would like to organize your skin for hair removal by softening the hairs and relaxing the pores. Remember to rinse in cold water to shut the pores, followed by an application of post-shave balm to appease the skin while protecting it from bacteria, sweat, and grime.

Hygiene is crucial
Always clean before you razor or wax. Store your razor upright in an exceedingly well-ventilated place (but off from the restroom, and ideally out of the lavatory, which may be a bacterial cesspool.) Clean the blade between each use, and replace it after four uses, or after a fortnight (whichever comes first). After that, you'll risk a dull blade, a rusted blade, or a bacterial-infested one. These are all causes for infection or ingrown hairs.
If a rash or breakout follows after a shave or wax, apply a disinfecting, antimicrobial soap after each shower. You'll see clearance within a pair of days.

Trim Easy
Trimming is more well-off to follow than waxing or shaving. Trimmers don't penetrate the skin, so you've got to fret less about infections, preparations, and hygiene. If you'll be able to tolerate trimming more frequently than you'd otherwise shave or wax, get an honest body groomer, try the super range at Shaver Shop.
Body trimmers can trim right down to a fine stubble, so you appear smooth. And you may be, for a pair of days. At that time, another grazing-over with the groomer will keep you hairless and pain-free. (Plus, you get the various guard lengths.) It's an all-in-one tool. Invest.