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NOTE: thegoodbloke encourages people to be healthy and to like the skin they're in. This article has been requested by our readers to assist with a quicker and healthier body transformation. Before undertaking any dietary or health regime change please consult your health care professional

You've got to get yourself body-ready for an important event? They say a good six months is the timeframe to build a body, but if you've left it this late all is not lost. If you've got one month, you've still got time to strut your funky stuff at your event and feel good. Now's the time for sweat, discipline and calloused hands, you’ll have burnt off your man boobs to be left with a fine body in time. Let's begin the journey.


The starvation route won't get your body tight, Leo Savage a Personal Trainer says “If you restrict kilojoules too much, your body goes into shock mode, that means anything you eat, it clings onto.” 

Cut to 4,200 kilojoules a day, and your body thinks you’re starving, so stores food rather than burning it as fuel. Which means Mr. wobbly gut is going nowhere. 
Instead, aim for around 8,300 kilojoules a day, with every meal based around lean protein – think chicken breast or salmon fillets, rather than protein powders – and vegetables. If it goes in the microwave, it doesn’t go in you. “You should have 40 per cent of your energy from protein, 30 per cent from carbs and 30 per cent from fat,” says Savage. You’ll still be at a fat-burning calorie deficit, but there’ll be enough going in to keep your engines stoked. 

What your body does with what you put into it is dictated by hormones. Insulin, which spikes when you eat carbs, is particularly bad at turning food into fat – especially if you have a particularly sugary diet. Besides cutting out processed food and booze – it’s just four weeks, remember – you need to time when you eat what to optimise how your body handles what you put in. 

Insulin levels are stunted in the morning, so Savage advises avoiding carbs until dinner – ideally after a workout – which sends the hormone soaring and directs nutrients into now hungry muscles, not your love handles. 

“You need to earn your carbs,” he says. Which means that on gym days, pair your chicken with a side of sweet potato or brown rice. Not a bag of gummy bears. 

Because you can’t live in the gym, the best way to burn fat is to increase your basal metabolic rate – the amount of energy your body needs simply to function. Muscle is active, which means it burns calories even when you’re not moving. Ergo the more you have, the better your body is at burning fat. Even when you’re sat at your desk. 

Instead of cardio, Savage recommends a total-body weights session twice a week, which builds beach-ready definition and strips away fat. But that doesn’t mean a quick bicep blast. “The more joints you can move, the more muscle fibres your recruit and the more energy you burn,” he says. That means moves like deadlifts, rows and pull-ups, which exponentially increase your calorie count by hitting your body’s biggest muscle groups. And yes, pump your guns.

"Put simply, this is going to suck. But this time of hell buys that week in heaven.
The summer body workout regime is split between heavy metal and high-intensity. Perform the weights workout twice a week, with at least two days between each session, and the same for the circuit workout. For both, the harder you work, the better the results. Remember, you’re training against the clock." - LEO SAVAGE 


What: Perform four sets of five reps, with 60 seconds rest in between

How: Stand with a barbell on the floor, in front of your shins. Crouch down and grab the bar with both hands, keeping your weight on your heels. Drive up to standing, pause, then lower. 


What: Perform four sets of 10 reps, with 60 seconds rest in between

How: Lie down on the bench press and grab the bar with a shoulder-width grip. Lower it, squeezing your shoulder blades together, until the bar brushes your nipples. Drive it up using your chest – make sure you don’t roll your shoulders forward. Pause, then repeat.


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What: Perform four sets of 10 reps each leg, with 60 seconds rest in between

How: Stand with a barbell on your shoulders, with your back to a bench. Step back with your right foot so your laces are resting on the bench. Squat down with your left leg until your back knee almost touches the floor, then drive back up through your heel.

After all the reps, swap legs. That’s one set. 


What: Perform four sets of 10 reps each side, with 60 seconds rest in between

How: Stand with feet shoulder-width apart and a heavy kettlebell on the floor, between your legs. Squat down and grab the handle with your right hand. Drive your hips forward and pull the weight up and over your head. Pause, then slowly lower and repeat.

After all your reps, switch arms. 


30 Minute Cardio At 145bpm
“Do your cardio after your weights workout,” says Savage. Shifting tin will have exhausted the carb stores in your muscles, so your body needs to burn fat for fuel. Whether you run, cycle or row, work at a pace that’s challenging but doesn’t leave you gasping for breath.