Fashion trends come and go, what's in today is out tomorrow. The problem is the fashion industry doesn't design to fit our modern shapes but to fit their new trends. So, instead of looking out of sorts with what's "in" let's look at what works with your body shape.




Your fuller upper torso and narrower waist can be balanced out by clothing. The objective is to focus attention on your hip area, reducing the focus on the chest area. Avoid bulking the upper body, and adding a little extra to your legs. Think of Gerard Butler; he is an excellent example of this body type.

Consider V-necks to narrow the chest and draw the eye down. Stripes across the stomach and belts or pockets around the hips provide assistance in emphasising the focus point.

Uncomplicated graphic prints and logos will work well, bringing balance to the chest. Complicated details, prints, or bright colours on the shoulders, will focus the eyes away from the waist and highlight the chest.

Best to avoid skinny leg cuts as they will bulk the upper body. A straight, tapered or relaxed cut jean or pant will introduce balance to your proportions and highlight your waist.

With this body type, it is best to remember that most ready-to-wear brands may not accommodate your shape off the rack. They will tend to be tighter on the chest. You’ll need to fit the shoulders and chest and ensure that the waist and hips are narrowed. This accentuates a more sculpted look, whilst accentuating the bottom area and waist.

• Use V-Neck shirts amd jumpers.
• Use stripes focus around the stomach rather than the chest.
• Use belts or waist accessories.
• Use unstructured double-breasted jackets as this will widen the torso into proportion with the shoulders.

• Use big patterns or logo on the chest.
• Use bold colours on the upper torso



This body shape has a well-balanced upper and lower body, your form is much easier to dress than others. Use colours and trendy cuts because you are in proportion. Football players and athletes are an excellent example of this body type.

Have fun and experiment with your wardrobe. Your body shape allows you to make a statement, so don't be afraid to take risks to your comfort level.
Prints and colours are your friends. Don't be conservative. Bold colours, prints and patterns and solid colours are great for your body shape.

Discover new trends, and develop an understanding of how to use your complexion better, your hair cut and colour to enhance your look.

A jacket or coat must fit you across the shoulders and chest. A slim fit or European fit is excellent for this body shape. Unless the garment has been made-to-measure, the waist and hips of the jacket may require narrowing to highlight your form by taking it in. Trousers should be tailored but not too slim, and shirts should be a slim fit or contain darts. Remember it's all about the proportions.

• Add a belt for focus around the hips to help break up and outfit while also drawing attention to this area.
• Wear Breton striped tees- while classic in style, they are also ideal for a man with this shape, especially if the stripes focus around the stomach rather than the chest.
• Choose V-neck shirts and jumpers as they draw the eye down and take attention away from the chest.
• Try statement printed legwear to once again draw the eye downward.
• Opt for unstructured double-breasted jackets as this will widen the torso into proportion with the shoulders.

• Wear skinny cut trousers or jeans as this will draw attention to the disproportion of the lower half. Opt for slim-cut instead.
• Wear structured jackets with shoulder padding or wide lapels. This will just further emphasize the widest area.
• Wear shirts with scoop necklines for the same reason as above. 



The Triangle Body Shape requires clothing that adds some substance to a sloping shoulder line and smaller chest. Wear garments that reduce the effect of a lower half that appears more extensive than your upper body. Streamlined cuts and flattering colours are essential for you too.

Enhance and emphasise your shoulders. Avoid polo necks and narrow crew-necks because they decrease shoulder with, go for a more structured or tailored jacket. Single-breasted and button-down styles will also help streamline your torso.

Reduce the focus on your stomach. Avoid horizontal stripes across the abdomen. Dark colours will work best with your triangular shape.

Give your lower body a little more heft. Try jeans or pants with a straighter leg. Best avoid skinny or heavily tapered trousers, as these will widen the core of your body, which not what you’re trying to achieve.

Remember to wear structured and tailored clothing with the upper body. Don’t emphasise your abdomen. Wear straight-leg trousers to balance out the look. Enjoy winter layering with knitwear underneath blazers and coats, giving the impression of a broader chest and shoulder area.

• Focus on well-fitting clothing. Ill-fitting clothing will just further emphasise this shape. If you don’t already have a good tailor, find one. This advice applies to all men, really.
• Wear single-breasted pieces and button-down styles to streamline the torso.
• Use structured blazers and jackets to give shape to the shoulder line.
• Choose darker colours up top as they are more flattering. You can add colour by layering a bright tee or Oxford under a jacket or jumper.

• Wear horizontal stripes across the stomach. Try vertical stripes or pinstripes instead.
• Wear polo shirts or narrow crew necks. These styles decrease shoulder width.
• Wear skinny or heavily tapered trousers or jeans as these widen the central area of the body.



For the Rectangle Body Shape, the principal aim is to enhance the body to increase shape where it may be lacking. Clothing can create the illusion of having a different body type. When dressing, a little style sleight-of-hand will make your shoulders seem more extensive while making your lower torso appear narrower.

When using prints, try to avoid rectangles. Remember you are trying to increase the upper body.
Layering clothing is an efficient way to increase body bulk. Shirts, knitwear and scarves can assist in widening the chest and shoulders while narrowing your lower torso.

Structured blazers and jackets, those with shoulder pads provide a great focus to your shoulders, but avoid full sleeves or have then tapered for a full effect.

Remember to try and clearly define your upper body and waist. Proper tailoring can assist in breaking the rectangle shape, and with shoulder pads, you will broaden your shoulders and upper body.

• Wear structured blazers that are padded in the shoulder while narrow in the underarms. Finding this ideal fit is hard, so ask your tailor to take in the sides of your jacket and the jacket arms thinned.
• Layer your clothes- shirts and jumpers can be used to widen the chest, especially by wearing jumpers that are fitted in the waist like the one below.
• Try circular necklines to draw attention to the upper torso.

• Wear double-breasted jackets- these only emphasize the rectangular shape.
• Wear prints that mimic your rectangular shape, such as photographic T-shirts.
• Wear block colours on the torso. 



With the oval shape body, the mass is centred in the core, which can shorten the arms and legs. Your objective is to use clothing to lengthen your torso.

Use vertical stripes to add length, avoid horizontal lines as they will give the appearance of a rounder figure.

Avoid statement belts or focusing on the waist area. A printed or textured belt in a darker shade will be more flattering.

Remember to add length, ensure sleeves and pants are the correct length and fit well. Add shape and definition with clothing don’t shorten with more full sleeves or broader cuts of jeans or pants.  

Don’t fall into the trap of oversized clothing. Focus on comfort with a more tailored edge. Garments should fit well across the shoulders, but not too broad in the sleeves, or too tight across the waist. A longer jacket length assists with breaking the oval shape. The focus should be on the shoulders and away from the waist.

• Wear vertical stripes and pinstripes to lengthen the body.
• Ensure trouser legs and sleeves are the right lengths as gathering will shorten the limbs. As mentioned previously, a good tailor is your best friend.
• Wear detailed prints or textured pieces in dark colours to provide interest while remaining flattering.
• Wear fitted trousers that help lengthen the leg.

• Wear horizontal stripes.
• Use statement or brightly coloured belts, as this will just draw attention to your widest part.
• Wear cowl necks, polo shirts, or wide crew necks.
• Wear double-breasted jackets.
• Wear shoes with a white sole or trim as this will shorten the leg line 


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